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  • 52 SPEAKER

  • 52 SPEAKER is a Bluetooth speaker optimized for bike riding environments. It is rigidly mounted to the handle in a simple way, easy to control and intuitive. You can enjoy a clearer sound tuned for outdoor environment while being safe not to block external sound. Since it has small size and light weight, you can add music fun to a variety of outdoor activities such as jogging and climbing as well as bike riding.



  • IoT Device Startup KIWI PLUS launched its second KIWI WATCH in February 2017, which features upgraded functions and enhanced durability. KIWI WATCH 2 is an advanced kids phone equipped with camera for the first time in Kids Phone market, strengthening existing advantages such as location confirmation, voice recognition, character theme, and various learning contents.


  • F-RAY

  • F-RAY is a diagnostic tool for dermatology and plastic surgery, that allows you to objectively and precisely check the surface roughness, contour, wrinkles of the face by taking an image of contour lines on the face. While working at Dermatology, BEYOUNG's representative experienced difficulties in communicating between doctors and customers and developed F-RAY.



  • The supplementation of the seeds to the unsprayed areas is an essential task for the ginseng harvest, but it has been done only by hand and was inefficient. FIXEED is a new seeding machine designed for easy and quick supplementary planting. It enables to dig soil and plant seeds by pulling its lever once.



  • KIWI PLUS is an innovative start-up a unique combination of strengths in both software development and device manufacturing. In 2015, KIWI PLUS launched the premium children's smart watch KIWI WATCH (LINE Kids’ Phone) equipped with Android OS. KIWI WATCH, equipped with location tracking, phone and messaging functions, is at the forefront of the kids phone market, receiving many favorable reviews at the same time as its launch.


  • MEMO

  • The memo is a smart healthcare watch that makes immediate blood pressure measurement possible. You can accurately measure and manage key biometric information with just a finger touch.


  • Works for SAMSUNG

  • These are the works of Bongkun Shin, the director of makemake, while he was working as a product designer in SAMSUNG Electronics from 2009 to 2015.